Battle Pirates

A facebook game developed by KIXEYE and the successor to their popular Backyard Monsters game. Battle Pirates lets players customise a fortress at sea, and build ships to battle other players with in real-time synchronous combat.


For 2 and a half years I worked as the Lead Engineer, directing the engineering team on development and ensuring the ongoing stability of the online game.
Initially as a gameplay engineer I worked on load time and general performance improvements as well as overhauling the UI.

Ravenshire Castle

The last of Lolapps’ games set in the “Raven world,” Ravenshire Castle was a casual game developed for Facebook with a focus on customising a castle, with a unique stealth element involving sneaking into other players castles.


I developed numerous features in both AS3 and Python for Ravenshire Castle, including the dynamic wall and door placement system, as well as player interaction and UI.

Ravenwood Fair

A casual facebook game developed by Lolapps, Ravenwood Fair gave players the ability to customise a fair on an island floating in the sky.


On Ravenwood Fair I worked on numerous game features in AS3 and Python as part of their weekly content release cycle.

Puzzle Quest 2

Sequel to the popular “Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords” Puzzle Quest 2 was released to critical acclaim.


I was initially responsible for implementing a large selection of the class spells, as well as the trade and item upgrading systems for the DS.

I then moved on to writing the save game management system, and maintaining the multiplayer system for Xbox 360.

Puzzle Chronicles

A puzzle RPG developed for Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3.


As Lead Gameplay Programmer, I designed and implemented the code structure for the main puzzle game, including multiplayer support, used across all platforms the game was released upon.

Puzzle Kingdoms

A puzzle strategy game released for the DS, Wii and PC.


I implemented the kingdom customisation screens as well as the event system for the battle map. I was also responsible for heavily optimising and refining the gameplay features for the DS and Wii.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure

A puzzle adventure game based on the popular Neopets franchise. The player can choose 1 of 12 Neopets to battle other Neopets in a puzzle game similar to reversi.


Implemented the initial world map and designed and implemented the quest system that was reused across other titles at Infinite Interactive.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

The Sci-fi spin off of Puzzle Quest, released on DS, PC and Xbox 360.


Designed and implemented the initial framework for the quest system.

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